most speedy theme?

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I'm trying to find out if those 3rd party themes that are promoted to be super fast, like 'Turbo' (Out of the sandbox), 'Shoptimized', 'Fastor', 'eCom Turbo', 'Booster' etc) are actually faster than Shopify's own free themes like 'Supply', 'Debute' etc. Has anyone tested this?

Are those 3rd party themes actually faster or does their claim for speed rather refer to other 3rd party themes?

I mean under compareable circumstances. Same content (small light product images), no extra apps, code untouched.

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The speed between any of the new themes on fresh install is minimal.

The main factors that contribute to site speed:
- # of store facing 3rd party apps, or a single slow 3rd party app

- not having lazy loading (I think most new themes have this)
- using large images or video above the fold (assuming you have lazy loading in the theme for below the fold)


Apps are great, keep using them but just be conscious of adding a lot of store facing apps (and if you can code the feature directly into your theme, that's usually the better move).


Here's a case study to see how apps affect performance:


I like Turbo theme a lot, still my favorite. Flex (made by the same company) is cool too, their newest theme.


I wrote about themes I like and where I get them here:


Here are the free themes from that article for reference:


Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 6.15.29 PM.jpg


I remember Narrative being really fast.

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You can try these themes They are so fast and very easy to use. This is the testing result on Google Pagespeed Insights No need to install 3rd apps to get the high page speed.

I hope this helps.

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