multi login? too many apps!

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Hey does anybody know how to create a multi logon for customers?


My store is only using a few apps but every one of them wants my customers to register an account with them and have their own separate logins. So that's almost a half dozen registrations the customer has to do to use my website. These apps dont play well together because they all want to force me to use their payment processors, CRM, etc. So this customer experience is too long, confusing, exhausting, etc.


So I want to create a custom-affiliate-portal-template/page with links (ideally i-frames) to each of the apps by simply adding these links to the customer account page. This portal would use the basic customer "create account" page to simultaneously register for all necessary apps at once on behalf of the customer via some auto cvs export/import method or even better a simple api link


I'd really rather avoid using another app to do this either if at all possible. I'd be most greatfull if somebody could just reply with a link to the right walk-through guide.


also feel free to add another link to a tutorial on how to generate/use a referral/affiliate ID code from scratch that i can actually use with shopify.


I would enjoy working with any and all interested in developing this solution if there is nothing like this out there yet!

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Hi @Neal_Boyle,


Nick here from Shopify. 


I just want to make sure I completely understand what you mean. Currently, you have several apps from the Shopify app store which all have their own unique logins, but you would like to have them all integrated into one, so when the customer logs in to your store it's just one login for all of them? If this is the case a custom portal like you mentioned could be the best thing to look into. I'm not even 100% certain that would work as it might require all of the apps to work together, which isn't impossible but could depend on the app developers. This all sounds very customized though, and because of that, your best bet might be to reach out to a Shopify Expert directly about this to see what they say. It could be worth reaching out to several experts to range some prices as well as seeing who you resonate with. 


You can see the Shopify Expert director for custom features or code here. Other than knowing and creating the code yourself, I think this would be the most appropriate next step for you. Hopefully, this helps!


All the best, Nick

Nick | Social Care @ Shopify
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