navigation items stacking

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Does anyone know how to get my navigation items to sit next to each other rather than stacking on top of each other?

Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 4.51.35 pm.png





I checked your header..

You manage below css in pixels ...

Please manage this css in percentage so that it will not creats problem in responsive

.header-layout[data-logo-align="center"] .header-item--navigation, .header-layout[data-logo-align="center"] .header-item--icons {
	-webkit-box-flex: 1;
	-ms-flex: 1 1 130px;
	flex: 1 1 130px;
.header-item--logo, .header-layout--left-center .header-item--logo, .header-layout--left-center .header-item--icons {
	-webkit-box-flex: 0 0 400px;
	-ms-flex: 0 0 400px;
	flex: 0 0 400px;
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