one person bake on demand shop (Dynamic lead time calculator on checkout)

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I need to create a one person baking shop. All products in this shop are made to order, so I need a way to dynamically manage the lead time depending if there are any orders that are currently in process or not.

Here's a scenario

The shop gets one order on Sunday for a party custom made cake (cake #1)which takes 3 days to complete.

While working on cake #1, another order for the same type of cake comes in on Tuesday (cake #2).

Cake#1 will be done on Wednesday but cake #2 can only be started on Wednesday when Cake #1 is done. 

On checkout for cake #2 I need the store to dynamically calculate the lead time based on the fact I am busy with other orders.

This should be applied forwards or backwards. Meaning if a person wants their cake on a certain date the lead times should be applied from delivery date backwards.

Sort of like a appointment booking system where each "meeting" is the baking of a cake, "meetings" are not allowed to overlap.

I hope this makes sense.

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