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Hi, im new to Shopify and would like to know how I could add the option to my products to display as a price per 'kilogram' or a price per 'each'.


i know there are paid apps, but I would like to know how this may be coded?


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Hey Hunter,

David here, Shopify Guru!

If you are looking to make a sitewide change of displaying your prices as "$10 /KG" you can do so from your Settings > General.

Under Standards and formats you can change the currency formatting and include the "/KG" or "per KG" like so:

This will display on the storefront as:

So you won't even need to worry about the coding as it can be setup within the Settings!

Hope that helps, feel free to drop us a line at support@shopify.com if you have any other questions. :)

David Mc | Shopify Guru

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Thanks for that, that's what I need. However I need a couple which might be "per Each" or "per Packet".

How does this further confuse things and how would it be done?

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Hi H, 

in this case you are looking for the solution from this thread, except you would need to add a condition, like this:

{{ product.price | money_without_trailing_zeros }} 
{% if product.tags contains "price_per_each" %} 
  price per each.
{% elsif product.tags contains "price_per_pack" %}
  price per pack.
{% endif %}

and add respective tags to your products.

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Hi there 
I just wanted to add "per Yard"  next to "one" of my collections. seems these feature is not available anymore and also It affects all the website. any solutions?