"Coming Soon" Products/Collection

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I am selling one of a kind art pieces in my shop (as well as things that are consistently available) The one-of-a-kind items sell out very quickly whenever I add them. I typically announce a specific time that a new batch of products/collection of items will be available. Currently I use the "schedule availability" feature on the product pages to ensure everything will be for sale at that specific time. The downside of using this feature is that my customers can't look at what items I will be selling ahead of time to decide what they might like to purchase.

I'd like to be able to schedule a specific time for the items to be available, but allow customers to be able to view them ahead of time (WITHOUT being able to purchase them or even add the items to their carts). It would be nice if the items that are not in stock yet could have a "coming soon" banner like the "sold out" banner. (I would still like them to display the "sold out" banner once they have been purchased, though.)

Let me know if there's a good way to do this. I've tried a free app that adds Pre-Orders, but that's not what I'm looking for. Ideally looking for a free solution or something with a one-time payment. Thanks!