"No index" duplicate product pages

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You know how Shopify has products at multiple URLs...

I understand the canonical tag lets search engines know which is the preferred URL. But is there also a liquid method to put a "no index" meta tag on the duplicate page? In this example, only index "website.com/products/tshirt1".

Something like...

{% if page.url != canonical url %}
<meta name="robots" content="noindex">
{% endif %}

Bonus question if you're into SEO. Do you think the canonical tag is good enough, or should the duplicate pages be no-indexed as well?


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Hey Joe!


Between these two options the better would be canonical. With no index you just kill the page and it goes nowhere. All the value and weight (in terms of signals for Google) this page used to have, dissapear. However, with canonical you preserve this microsignal and weight from which the canonical version of the page benefits. It is a like a small bonus for the canonical page. 

For the future, my recommendation would be to ask developers for help and make sure that there is only one path (sequence of the pages) through which the user reaches the product page. It will definitely better for the page ranking and internal weight. 

Hope my answer helps)


Regards, Lena 


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Canonical "website.com/collections/tshirts/products/tshirt1" to website.com/collections/tshirts/products/tshirt1

Try a quick site search using the search query site:website.com/..... on both URLs. You may find that Google is not indexing the longer URL as it recognises that it is part of a category and not a standalone product.

If both are being indexed, then as I say use the canonical tag.

Saying that, if you want the category based version to rank then swap the canocicals around.

Reserve the noindex for PPC landing pages.

If you need me to explain furhter let me know.

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in my case both pages are getting indexed 


but i want to keep no index for this page website.com/collections/tshirts/products/tshirt1 can you help me

for placing no index to entire collections/collection-name/