return to same scroll position on shopify turbo theme

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Is it possible to take a user back to the area of a page where they scrolled down when pressing the back button in a browser or an anchor link to go to another page?

 As in --- pageA is double your screen size (hence you have to scroll to read more). You click a link on pageA to go to a new page - pageB. After reading you click back  button in browser or any anchor link. Now when you return to pageA you are back at the top and have to scroll down to where you were to continue reading the rest of the page.

I am using Turbo theme. Thanks

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Hey @abdurrakib528!

The only solution I can think of for your situation is to add a target="_blank" attribute to your pageB link so the pageB opens in another tab and pageA is still there in the first tab. So when the user is done with pageB he can simply close it and continue with first tab at pageA with same scroll position.

Hope that helps.

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Hi @abdurrakib528

Don't know if you still need this, but I had the same question, and manage to do what I wanted by :

Going to Online Store > Themes > Customize

In the left panel, scroll down and click Theme settings > Performance > Choose "Sport" as Transitions

"Ludicrous" was selected before and my previous page always scrolled back to top when I tapped back button.

With "Sport", the previous page is back where I left it! 

Hope that helps !