searching for theme with product order grid

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I'm searching for a theme with a special function maybe built in:

the shop is for products with sizes like shoes, fashion or skies with different length.
if I assign a size grid to the product, I can define a price for each product size. Example: ski length 165 = 249,- ; ski length 170 = 269,- ; ski length 175 = 299,-
Product page for the customer: all themes I've seen, if the customer try to buy 2 sizes from one product, the customer has to do i.e.: choose ski length 165, type in quantity, add to basket; choose second length ski length 175, type in quantity, add to basket; aso.

I like to do it this way:
length price quantity
165    249,-    5
170    269,-    0
175    299,-    4
then press one time "add to basket" and all products with all lengths, where a quantity more than zero exits, are added to the basket.

Does anyone know about such a theme?