should I pay for premium

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So I'm on a free plan at the moment. When I've asked for feedback on my store, some people say I need to buy a premium theme, but of course they are if they are trying to sell it to me. 

The questions I have are whether the premium themes have features that will allow me to cease any existing apps I'm paying for. 

- does it send review emails and post reviews on google, facebook etc like Reputon for instance

- Does it show social proof, promotion pop ups and the like such as by nextsales?/

- what other things does it do that mean I will not have to pay for an app.


Lastly how do I know which theme will be best for my store. My store is






I have some suggestion for you, I think it will be helpful for you.

  • pick the topmost three features which you want in your store.
  • settle on a budget
  • Consider how many products you want to sell.
  • choose some featured image.

thank you.