the color options of the product appears in white when using the Turkish words of the colors

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we are building our website to sell in Turkey so our website has to be in Turkish language. however, we have problem that when we are trying to add Variants(Colors) to the products using their Turkish names, the circles that shows the related color appears in white on the website page.
I don't know whether it is something related to the theme designers or to Shopify so can you please help me fixing this problem.


Thank you for your help.



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Hi, that depends on your theme and by the looks of the screenshot you attached, that isn't one of the free Shopify themes. It is very likely that the colour switches are based on colour names, but without at least seeing the code from your shop preview i.e. sharing a URL link to your store, it's difficult to judge.


If it is a language issue, you'd most likely need to add the appropriate CSS classes in order to work with Turkish colour names.


If possible, share a link or preview link to your store.


Best wishes!

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this is the URL link to my store

It is just as you said related to the CSS classes..Thank you for your help.