updating line item quantity with Ajax cart not working?

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I am attempting to allow customers to update line item quantity directly in the cart using Ajax, so they change the number (preferably using +/- button) and the line item quantity, price and total price all auto update with no need to refresh the page, however when I change the cart quantity of an item I get the following error message, could anyone help? Thanks! 


Please note: I have a cart slide out table which already works with Ajax cart? Thanks. 


Website is: www.deaux.co.uk & password to view site is: BENJAMINCSS


expected String to be a (?-mix:(?-mix:\A\d+\z)|(?-mix:\A\d+:[a-f0-9]{32}\z)): id(bad_request): expected String to be a (?-mix:(?-mix:\A\d+\z)|(?-mix:\A\d+:[a-f0-9]{32}\z)): id