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Hi, I make jewellery and alot of it is personalised, there are different personalisations on different products. I have got the infinite App as i believe this will help acheive this. However i'm very confused about how to set it up? I find the instructions very short with no follow on. Does anyone know where more detailed instructions are or can help me with this? I've been looking at ot for hours with no joy

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With the built-in product variants functionality Shopify allows up to 3 properties (e.g. size, color and material) defined on each product. Resulting in a maximum of 100 variants per product for which you can set custom prices, inventory levels and images.
If you need more than 100 variants you could create separate products based on some of the properties. E.g., you'll create separate products each material. Then you'll have 100 variants available for the gold necklace product and 100 variants available for the silver necklace product, etc.

If your personalization properties are not associated with price adjustments, you could just use custom line item properties (tutorial here) to capture the customers personalization wishes. You could customize the add to cart form at the product pages and add form fields for material, size, color, engravement, etc. The values the customer enters in the fields will be saved along with the order.

If you do require complicated conditional rendering of a lot of options that come with price adjustments, then an app would be your best option. For setup questions, it's best to reach out to the developer. You can find the developer's contact details on the app's page in the App Store.


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