what is data-section-type?

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I'm new to coding in shopify and it seems to me that sections are the best building blocks because they are independently maintainable, and they have a nice way to allow shop-owners to customize stuff.


As I look at the free sections made by shopify, almost all of them have code like this...


<div class="foobar" data-section-id="{{ section.id }}" data-section-type="foobar-section">
What is the purpose of data-section-type?  Should I use it with my custom made sections? Where is it documented? What are the valid values?
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Any kind of data attribute is a custom attribute. It's just a different place to store information in an element and you can use the information in javascript or use it to target an element in css. For example, I usually use a data-url attribute to store the product url of an item so say I wanted to make a quick shop modal or something, I can grab the product information with the Shopify Ajax API, which you need a products url to access. Or for another example, people who lazy load their images make a data-src attribute to store their source and use javascript to take the source out of the data-src and put it into the source when the element comes into the view port, this way the images dont load until the users can see them, decreasing load time.
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