1100 Visits in 2 days but no sales yet

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I have tried everything. I have a lot of visitors ( I get 1100 visits in 2 days from fb ads), I have received Congrats from Shopify for this, but no sales yet

my shop: https://techs.market

Can you give me your opinion?

Let me know what you think I can change/do/improve to get sales

Thank you to all.  

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Hi Ahmed,

It's always better to be patient and analyze your results after there's enough data to judge. It's quite normal to have a low conversion rate in the first few days, you can't expect to have a good quality traffic because you're still trying to find out the best advertising strategies.

Also, most people don't make a purchase during their first visit because they just need more time for decisions. That's why it's good to set up a remarketing campaign to remind your previous visitors of the products they were browsing. Our app ROI Hunter Easy can generate such ads on both Google and Facebook.

I also took a look at your website and I have a few suggestions:

I'd move the free shipping banner to the top of the page so it's visible also on product pages.

I must admit that I don't like if the shop is forcing me to buy the product immediately because the stock is limited and is telling me how many people are viewing the product right now. The thing is that I don't believe it and I'm not sure if anybody does.

Your social media links should be always opened in a new tab, you need your customers to stay on your website and not to be redirected elsewhere. Here you can find how to fix it.

Your contact page is great, there's everything you need!

I think there should be more information on your "Delivery" page. People are curious where you ship to, how much it costs and how long it takes.

And one more detail, why illegal (please check the screenshot)?

Here you can find some more tips on how to optimize your website and convert traffic into sales.

I hope it helps, good luck!


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There's a separate forum, just for this sort of thing.

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Low conversions rates can be frustating especially when you are spending too much to get traffic on board. In mere fraction of monthly fb ad spends, you can get to sell on a marketplace. This will increase your visibility, and more chances of landing sales. On marketplaces user intent of purchase is high, and conversion rate are better. Plus the visitors to your products are mostly relevant as they land to your product by searching the item they are looking to purchase. Choice is yours, contact CEDCOMMERCE for more.

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Thanks for sharing. Wanted to help out if I may.

These days for digital ads, every brand seems to be a lifestyle brand. It’s the way the culture is going. 

Therefore, expand your creative reach. If you want your creative strategy to scale nationwide, you have to add new lifestyle themes into your creative to capture as many target segments as possible.

In your lifestyle photos, explicitly highlight features helps build a picture of your value propositions. This is especially potent when you’re marketing a non-tech product with tech features.

Hope that helps! We blogged about this earlier this week, if you want more: https://bit.ly/2s0G4lj

See ya!

Kevin Simonson is the CEO of Metric Digital, a performance marketing agency in New York City that focuses on driving revenue and customers through for ecommerce business via online advertising, email and other digital marketing channels.