1st store & humbly looking for brutally honest feedback!

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Great site! I can definatly appreciate the photography, since we've been doing all of ours ourselves I know how much time it can take to shoot and edit. Marketing wise, Ive seen a little boost in sales from facebook ads but mostly just empty clicks from who knows where. Most traffic for our heels comes from bloggers and forums so just keep at it!

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Wow, thank you so much to every single person who offered advise. I have so much more to learn and improve and I can only have the people in the community to thank for being so kind to take the time out!

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So, where to begin. I agree with other, the homepage is the key to the image of your business. 

In the first 3 seconds, and above the fold, I need to know what you sell. I can see that. Next, what do you want me "a customer" to do. The main page slideshow is very small in size, the photo could be a little bit taller. Width is good. The second photo has a 404 error link. The image doesn't link to any product. ?? 

On the home page, first thing that jumped out to me was the Giveaway. You're not in business to give away free stuff, its used for promotions, to drive people to look at your site. Don't make it so easy for them to overlook your products, and want to just go for the Free stuff. After they are don't registering for the free, they will just leave, = higher bounce rate. 

Where is your social media, besides the footer. Use the space in the header and add your social media accounts. You should have, at a min: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+. Optional: Wanelo, WeHeartit, Tumbler, YouTube, etc. 

On each product page, I'd suggest removing the Sidebar on the left. Unless you have an enormous catalog, with more than 10 catagories and subcatagories, the sidebar just takes away from the navigation on desktop. People know how to navigate the web, the sidebar is useful when searching, so make it available on the search page.  The product page needs to show images. Do you have a smart phone? Put the product on people and snap some good photos of how the product can be used in a day to day outfit. This leads to upsells with cross product photos. They may love the earrings, but love the enitre collection when seen together. Make the photo's larger. Photo's and descriptions sell your products. 

To entice that casual buyer, you have to make them want to be that person wearing the items you sell. Make them want thier significant other to look like the women in the photo. This is where your social media sites like Pinterest & Wanelo drive sales. After Facebook, Pinterest is the #1 source of social revenue. In terms of revenue by average from social media, Pinterest referrals are higher in value than facebook. 

I could go on and on, but you should look at your competitors, and emulate the successfull ones. What do they do, how do they do it, how do their sites look, navigate, photos, etc. Go onto their social media accounts, while logged into your, and follow their followers, it will boost your followers. Find the trends, hashtags, and add the trending ones to your posts if they relate. If the celebrities are wearing jewelry, say, she would look even better wearing this.....Then add the hastags for that event, or person, or trend.


Hope some of this helps. 

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Hi Evelyn,

Your jewelry is beautiful! I also really like to product photos. You ask a great question, and I really appreciate your humility in looking for feedback. You have only to gain! Mainly, I have more questions for you - ones that will hopefully help you shed light on how to increase your conversions:

  • Where is the dropoff happening? Are people clicking on products, or just getting to the landing page then leaving? 
  • Are customers filling a shopping cart, then abandoning it (this would suggest the checkout process might be too cumbersome)?
  • Have you ever surveyed your audience? This could be really effective. You want to find out what those factors are that are having people not buy, and you have to ask this somewhat covertly. Maybe your price point is too high? Maybe they want more product description up front? 
  • Do you have any way of identifying people who are coming to your site? Try to get as smart as you possibly can on your target market. 

best of luck to you,

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Your site looks great! 

Just make sure you are driving targeted traffic that way you aren't spending a bunch of money on people who aren't interested in buying!


Good luck!


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Personaly, I think you need an "About" page, you need to add a little more of a "Story" about why you do what you do and why your products are different or better, and who you are in relation to this. This can be done on social media but somehow the special personality of you and your products should show up somewhere on the site. Why are you different and better? Who designs the jewelry?

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I back the previous reply about Facebook ads not being good to get buying customers. If anything its just good to establish social media popularity. You should have postcards and bussiness cards printed and give them out to everyone you think may like something from your shop. I have a booth at a flea market and I market my web store to all my customers there. Get your name and web address out there and be consistent in your marketing efforts. People may not be ready to buy in the moment but if you are consistent they will remember you when they need your product. Another cheap option which I myself will start in October is Every Door Direct Mail from the USPS. I have made a large flyer with a coupon they can use online and in store. I get alot of catalogs and offers in my mail during the holiday seasons I decided to take a piece of that cake and see how it goes plus its really affordable for my budget.

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Hi Evelyn,

You said to be brutally honest so I have been as I would love to see you succeed...

What did your initial research uncover in terms of what people are looking for when buying this kind of jewelry? You need to know what people want and deliver it.

Setting up a business is very tricky. You need to have a clear business plan, know your target audience, understand their pain points, needs and desires. Then you can target those people very easily, especially on Facebook.

How is your Facebook and Pinterest following growing? These are people you should be targeting with your advertising.

Your jewelry is beautiful, have you considered other ways of selling it, for example through traditional retail outlets? Perhaps start locally and build up a following selling at markets and through local stores. Once you have a local following, there is a chance that growth could happen via word of mouth. I suspect you have attempted to go global too quickly. Pull back and work on selling to people you can personally interact with. Then you can get to know the kind of people who buy from you. 

Regarding the website, it needs a bit of work as people here have suggested, I agree that you need an About Us page. You need a story that is compelling, that people can identify with. Some photos of women wearing your jewelry. Faces and people would help to create some emotion.

Also, there is nothing compelling on the site. Why would someone buy from you? What is interesting or unique about you, your products, your story? Needs an angle to set it apart from everything else out there. Back to the local angle, get known and build a following.

Hope this helps. 

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Hi Evelyn, well done you, on getting up and running!! Unfortunately there's never a moment to rest after that first effort. I think it's great that your driving traffic with your Facebook ads but it's not statistically a good channel to drive sales.

A few tips to get the most out of your spend with Facebook.

1. Target really tightly. Don't just target woman of a certain age. Look at a similar and successful business to yours and see what kind of Facebook presence they have - you can model 'look like this' for future targeting with your Facebook Ads. 

2. Investigate Facebook ads that retarget those that visited your shop. It may be that people need a trip or two to your store before purchasing. Study your stats over time to see if this is true by adding the 'user dimension' to your conversion report to see sales for first and second visits. Overtime you'll start to see trends and be able to start anticipating the information needs your potential customers need. 

3. Pinterest gets far better traction on driving actual sales but it is a slow burn... it takes time to pick up speed. However, I suggest with your strong visuals and imagery you could leverage this channel very well. 

4. I saw a stat the other day (I can't remember source I'm sorry) that indicated that more people 'impulse buy' on mobiles. Therefore, pay attention to your mobile experience - this should be a big opportunity in your market and again look at your stats - look at the bounce rates + session times + device - if you've got large images as per the above discussions as everyone has put so succintly, then guaranteed your mobile visitors are bouncing straight off. Humans have an average attention span of 8 secs (less than a goldfish) so just think about this and how fickle your potential customers will be if they have to wait. 

Best of luck!



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Personally, I think your site looks great.  Facebook is a great place to advertise by it is my belief that the people on there are not there to purchase.

Over the years I have spent a ton of $$$ on Facebook, Twitter etc without 1, I said one sale.  I get a few hundred unique visitors a day and the people who purchase come from Google, Bing and and a portal that specializes in my product.

Get your organic search up on page one and try a few Adwords and see if the bounce rate declines and the sales increase.  Get email addresses of your clients and offer discounts for signing up but not for those who leave the website as it lowers the value of the product.

another avenue is Remarketing where a cookie is placed in the browser of your visitors and then shows your ads as they browse the net.  Be sure to reach those who abandon their shopping carts with an app that emails them after an hour......and then you will see your sales increase.

Social media is good but it is not good for jewelry or luxury leads.