2 stores in one account in different countries.

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Hi guys,

I hope you can help with some advice.

I have an online store in Canada: www,store,ca owned by my Canadian company, selling in CAD Dollars, shipping from my warehouse in Canada. 

We're planning to have a second warehouse in the US, owned by an American company. I wanna keep the same website with the same products. Having a .co for US clients and .ca for canadians

Can I manage all the finances (taxes,... ) through one shopify account? 

The ideal would be: client ordering from Canada whether they visited my .ca or .co they'll be redirected to the right website using the IP address which is .ca and payment then we receive the payment to our Canadian company bank account. The same thing for clients in the US, they have prices in USD, we fulfil from our US-based warehouse and get our payouts in our American company bank account

Is this possible? If not what's the best plan you offer

Thank you in advance for your time

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Hi, @gharyan.

Sophia here from Shopify. Welcome to the Shopify Community!

It is possible to manage both your Canadian and US stores through one Shopify account, and I'm happy to review the features and options with you here.

One store for multiple domains

International domains & Geolocation

If your account is on the Shopify plan, the Advanced Shopify plan, or the Shopify Plus plan, you can use international domains along with Shopify's Geolocation app to show Canadian customers the .ca domain with CAD, and US customers the .co domain with USD.

Shopify Payments

With Shopify Payments, you can sell in multiple currencies, meaning your Canadian customers can checkout in CAD and US customers can checkout in USD. However, your payouts stick to one currency. Canadian Shopify merchants can receive payouts in either CAD or USD, but you'll need to pick one payout currency in order to manage everything on one store, as your Shopify Payments account can currently be connected to one bank account.

On the Basic plan, you can still use the Geolocation app to display currency options and use Shopify Payments to allow customers to pay in their local currency, though this will happen on one domain rather than redirecting based on location.


Your warehouses can each be added as a location to manage inventory and fulfillment accurately on one store.

Separate stores for multiple domains

The alternative is setting up two separate Shopify stores if you need to send CAD payments to your Canadian bank account and USD payments to your US bank account. This blog post reviews the steps for setting up separate stores: How to Expand Your Shopify Store to Multiple Countries.

Let me know if you have any questions about these options.

Sophia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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