2019 - Clone or Duplicate your development store to your production store & handling URL for images

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Has anyone found any free Shopify apps for being able to copy a development Shopify store to a production development store?


I've read through many posts from people asking the same question and have not found a solution that I could easily use without additional costs. 


Why has Shopify has made it so difficult to export/import things like collections, pages, menus, and images?

See: Duplicate a store - Shopify   Note: according to step 4 you can create a manual collection by adding a column to your CSV file, but for us, that doesn't help us as we do have products that fit the rules for multiple collections.


I hope that someone has a solution, I am unaware of, that doesn't cost money to export/import these Shopify objects.  Why should we have to pay additional costs for the functionality that should have been build into the Shopify client portal/dashboard in the first place?


My second question is for people with  development and production stores. 


How are you handling your uploaded images and URLs between stores?   I've uploaded all my images to my development store.  After I upload the images, I copy the Shopify image URL back to the CSV file.   The product import assigns the image URL to the product... great.   


I want to use the same CSV file to import products to my production store.  I've left the image URL the same as my development store and have had no problem seeing the image when in the product section of my production site's dashbard.  However, if I look for the product image under Settings->Files.  The images don't exist.  Should I care? 


Shopify hosts different paths for their media files on development and production sites.  So even if I can see the product images, it is the other images that are linked to pages and collections where I find it necessary to upload again to the production site.


Overall, I am looking for easier alternatives for duplicating or cloning a store and seek advice on how you are handling the procedure.


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Your're absolutely right, this part of Shopify is hopeless.


Our business model depends on being able to repeatedly clone a single development store into a new customer's live store each time we make a sale.


Shopify have put pretty much 0% effort into making this happen.  The only alternative is 3rd-party apps, most of which claim it's easy but with so many added caveats and so many exceptions that it makes it a real headache too.


It's reaching the point where I'm going to start looking for a different platform.  This is pretty basic stuff Shopify, get your act together.

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Is there still no easy solution to this?

I would like to be able work on a development store. then when the look was right, clone it to a production one, with no customers, orders or products.

Can this be done?