300 visitors, no sale?

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first of all, I know this is going to be a long and hard road. I am not complaining that I did not make a sale in my FIRST week. I would just like to know what I can do to improve my conversions! I have spent around $60 on instagram influencer and this person brought me 300 visitors from three different pages with 250k,150k and 100k follower page. (Still have 2 more days to go) I would really appreciate any feedback  I can not do Facebook ad because it has been banned (filed an appeal but probably won’t work) so I am aiming for Google AdWords for my future product to test. What do you think?

my website is 


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Hi daeyoung park - Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

The first impression of your homepage is very positive; your store is inviting to browse and engaging - that's a great start! Consider focusing on one type of customer and one niche. You will have much better chance of standing out from other [100000s] dropshipping stores, if you were to specialize.

You will boost your conversion by focusing in one niche and targeting one target customer. There’s too many drop shipping stores, selling identical items as yours. In order to stand out from the competition, you would need to focus on one niche and one type of customer. If you were to sell only jewelry, I would recommend expanding your catalogue, and have a large selection of styles and designs. This will help you focus, reduce your marketing costs and improve your conversion rate, as your visitors will trust you as an expert within your niche.

Please make sure to also ask yourself, what values can I bring to my customers that other retailers cannot? And I don't mean the lowest prices, you don't want to go that route :) Make sure to define how do you stand out from your competitors, what do you do differently, what market gap are you filling, and why the visitors should buy from you, and not from other stores? This will help you connect with your target audience, establish an online presence, and be profitable.

Start by defining your target buyer persona, and target it with your products and your marketing strategy. This will be much more cost-effective and efficient for you. Read more: How to create powerful buyer personas for your small business

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You are going to do right now. Google ads are perfect for getting best traffic and sales.

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I think you really want to revise how legit your site looks. You copied over AliExpress product descriptions, which use poor English that won't help your conversions. It also leaves an option for people to choose the country items ship from, but United States doesn' work. That way you force them to pick China, I bet many fall off at that point. I understand you work with AliExpress and items are from China, that's not what I'm saying. 

So that's all user experience. Honestly would you buy from your site? 

Maggie's advice above is legit. Promote a few products on Facebook that have an active and passionate following you can target. You won't be able to sell "general stuff" to "the general public", rather you can sell something cool to a group of people that love those kinds of products. 

Good luck

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Hi, daeyoung park ! 

I like your website, tastefully done! 

Rockpapercopy has given your some awesome advices, but I`d like to add about widgets and affiliate programs. Have you ever tryed join some affiliate program for advertising except influencers? I could recommend to join some affiliate program to advertise for example Sarafan.tech. This is a widget on the base of Artificial Intelligence, it recognizes clothes and shoes in photos in Internet (of Instagram blogers for example) and then demonstrates the similar objects in e-stores. We used it, it is a cheap way to advertise but you have garanted segmented traffic. 

Good luck!



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Oh about the Influencers.. It's really not the quantity, and not the traffic that they'll bring you.  I would say it's more about their followers listenning to their advice about your product (usually can be measured via engagement). 

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  2. Target your existing customers
  3. Use video demonstrations
  4. Use photos when you include customer testimonials
  5. Offer more discounts
  6. Showcase your top selling items
  7. Accept different payment options

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