3D Secure Enablement using Cybersource as payment provider

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I am using Cybersource as payment provider and Visa and Mastercard for accepting payment methods to my Shopify account. Okay, here in the Philippines all credit card issuing bank required a fully 3d secure transactions or else non 3D Secure transaction it will be rejected. Can you help us what should be need to do enabling this 3D secure features and authenticate the payment with 3D Secure.

And I have found out some guide in Shopify help community that there’s an additional third-party payment gateway to connect and sign up and these the steps below.
1. Sign up for cardinal and Cardinal will contact you within 5 business days with a contract and further instruction.
2. Enter your cardinal credentials into the payment settings of your Shopify admin.
Is this the solution to enabled this 3D secure and what credentials that will be issue by Cardinal? Also, may we know from my Shopify account what needed to subscribe to have this features.

And other scenario if Cybersource provides Cardinal Credentials what will be the configuration and how to configure this to my Shopify account.