3PL & Shopify

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Hi Shopifiers! 


I use Shopify for my own company. We have a warehouse premise and have starting offering 3PL to other small businesses. We have two other customers signed up who use Shopify. At present we have a log in to their Shopify accounts and fulfil their orders from their account. This works fine. 


What I have started looking into today is a barcode scanning fulfilment for orders to reduce human errors/picking the incorrect items and shipping out to their customers. There seems to be a good couple of apps out their but I would then need my customers to download and pay for the app under their Shopify account. 


Does anyone else do 3PL and have any suggestion? Is there a way I can have a 'Master' Shopify account with this app or something and integrate my 3PL customer shopify accounts?


Would love to hear any feedback or experiences.

Thanks all!