5 years post-IPO, Shopify still cannot handle multiple discounts?

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Only one automatic discount can be active at a time. Select another date. - 2018, and it's locked with no solution?

What is going on?

How hard is it to chain arithmetic?

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They suggest using third party apps.

After you use your third party apps, page speed score is going low because of unoptimised code,caching issues and lot of JS rendering.

Then you are opening a ticket and asking them "Please remove Google Recaptcha". They are disabling recaptcha but doesn't removing the recaptcha lib.

After that you say "Please remove the library too as we are not going to use recaptcha and it is slowing the page speed".


Their answer. "The racaptcha lib will not cost you a speed problems, better is to check speed of your installed APPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS".

People do you know why Debut theme score is 97-100%? BECAUSE THER IS NO THIRD PARTY APPS, NO SLIDERS, no content inside.