6 months in business, traffic but no little to no sales :(

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Hi, I signed up with Shopify and started my own business around 6 months ago. I’ve been doing a lot of Instagram ads, posting on Instagram and Tik Tok to get the word of my business out there. I get a lot of traffic in when I do Instagram/Facebook ads but no sales or if I’m lucky I’ll get a customer here and there. I want to know what I’m doing wrong and if someone can look at my website and guide me on what I can do to fix this problem. I’m exerting a lot of funding and at this point not earning revenue. 
I’m afraid I might have to shut down my business altogether because my funding is almost gone, I would really hope that’s not it what comes down to  


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Hi @SugarNSpice here are the most common reasons I see for new stores not getting sales:

1) Not hiring a professional marketer.

2) Not getting a professional logo designed (if you don't have a designer on your team, here's a great way to get a pro logo on a budget: https://speedboostr.com/logo-contest/)

3) Not having an About page and creating an appealing brand image that connects with your audience.

4) Not marketing to the right people on the best channels (a professional marketer can help expedite this).

Assuming you have a product that people want, usually it's an issue of trust and marketing.

It sounds like numbers 1-3 (and maybe 4) are true in your case. I would start there, that will put you on an even playing field with your competitors.

Also, I like the pink and black color scheme, but I would consider switching to a white background color for the main body of the page. This is the most common format for ecommerce stores, and as a new brand while you want to be unique, you also want to be familiar. People aren't familiar shopping on a site with a pink background so that combine with the feeling of a new brand can prevent people from trusting your store and the quality of products (even if it's the best quality in the world, the quality of design of the store will reflect the quality of the products in the customer's eyes).

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