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Hi everyone, hopefully one of you can help us with the following.


We currently have 3 products and each product has 3 different models - every product and their respective models have the same price. The shop is profitable, but we want to increase our profits even further - obviously.


We thought about „A/B-Testing“ our entire store and raise the price of everything (everything is going to have the same price again, just more expensive).


Our issue is, we can’t create „normal“ A/B Tests for this since visitor1 might land on model 1 of product A (Price 49€) and then clicks through to model 2 of product A (Price 29€).


To fix this, we would either need to have a condition (like the URL rules in google optimize) for whatever version the visitors see first on any model/product (cheaper or more expensive one), they will always see that version for every product and model or duplicate / A/B-Test the entire store and not every product page.


We dont want this

Visitor 1:

Product A; Model 1; Price 49€ > Product A; Model 2; Price 29€ > Product B; Model 1; Price 29€ > Product B; Model 2; Price 49€



We want this

Visitor 2:

Product A; Model 1; Price 49€ > Product A; Model 2; Price 49€ > Product B; Model 1; Price 49€ > Product B; Model 2; Price 49€

Visitor 3:

Product A; Model 1; Price 29€ > Product A; Model 2; Price 29€ > Product B; Model 1; Price 29€ > Product B; Model 2; Price 29€



Do you guys have a solution for this? Is creating a second shopify store avoidable?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm answering about a year late, but since A/B testing is an ongoing pursuit to achieve greatness, if you're still interested I believe I have a solution for you: Theme Scientist A/B testing app.


You can A/B test product variants like price.


For your ideal situation of locking in a visitor to a price, I don't think that's possible. You would need to:
- Duplicate your products and cookie the user and show them the product with the different price set (since you need prices set on the backend, not the store front).
- This would still fail when user switches devices (for example, lands on mobile and purchases on computer)


Solution: I believe swapping test variants every 24 hours at midnight is the best use case.
- This ensures visitors looking at your site from different devices throughout the day see the correct price you want them to see.



- When testing price, I generally try not to make it too drastic, rather narrow it down with each test. In your case, instead of 29 vs 49, I would try 29 vs 35, or 29 vs 39. Then depending on that new test performs, try a higher range. Eventually when conversions go down, you'll find your optimal price.

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