A Caution About Shopify Capital

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I am a long-time Shopify Capital user and have used Shopify Capital 4 times. I wanted to make people aware of something the Capital DOES. Whether you refund the order or not the Capital is always taken. I began using PayPal Capital because I am able to call them when an order is refunded and most of the time they reimburse the refunded orders. Several times the way Shopify Capital works nearly shut down my stores due to a lack of cash flow because of "high fraud risk" orders. I refunded an order that was over $2000 due to high fraud risk, but Shopify still took 16%. When I told Shopify I was in danger of losing my house they simply copied and pasted the section of the TOS for the Capital and were unwilling to do anything. I lost over $500 last month due to Shopify Capital being taken on orders that were refunded. For smaller shops, your Capital payment might exceed your cash flow in the event you have a large number of "high fraud risk" transactions. Please be aware of these facts if you have a Shopify Capital offer.