A Direct Buy Now options within Shopify and pre reigistration

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I was curious if this was possible through any Apps on Shopify or Shopify itself. Was looking for a way to setup a pre-registration of users and setup a "BUY NOW" button instead of the standard "Add to Cart" button? The Buy Now button would just let the user directly checkout and skip the cart completely. Was hoping on the pre-registration part we could collect have a user sign up and also enter Credit Card details to have it on file that way the direct checkout would be easier and on the fly. The goal of the site is to  sell single art pieces and some will be for grabs and we want a more kind of friendly way of doing a direct purchase and then the product will close out after that is purchased. Looking for any direction or apps that could possibly get this project going If not ideal on Shopify at all then we can look for other things to use.