A General Question about complex products

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Hey everyone, I'm new to shopify but have done a fair bit of research into it and have tested the waters a few times previously. I setup my new site a week ago supplying signage for coronavirus social distancing in the UK - www.viralsigns.co.uk and so far so good. 


I run a print company and we've always been very cautious about selling online as in our trade selling online has become a race to the bottom. However, having setup Viral Signs I am starting to believe that we should set up a more general 'get it printed' kind of site (not a template to print site like Vista as obviously the barrier to entry is too competitive). I appreciate 'if you build it they will come' is not a business plan but what I am looking for advice on is complex products as to work out how viable this is.


Making a site and selling things with upto 3 variants and 100 SKUs is great and fine for most people but when it comes to print this is wholly inadequate. A book could have variations such as size, pagination, printing colours, paper options, delivery speed options, quantity etc etc. It's perfectly conceivable that a 'book' could have 1000 SKU's.


Now I know there are apps available for lots of variations but my question is, from a setup and management point of view, what is the best way of approaching complex products? If using apps from companies like Bold works is that easily managed? ie. Shopify's bulk product uploader is great and ideally that is how we would manage all products but does Bold have the ability to deal with that kind of thing.


And also can you show the price of the product updated live when the quantity is changed? That doesn't seem to work in Shopify 'out of the box'.


Any advice would be greatly received! Especially from people who have experience with complex products.


Thank you