A Instagram account has my store URL?

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I have a problem so I was making my Instagram account and couldn't get my username. I did a search found out a profile which has the username of my store, also in the bio it has my store name it's still not finished. I checked it's last recent post it's from 2015 it only has 7 posts.
What should I do, how should tell them to remove the URL from their bio and username in way that they will agree?

This the Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/insigniaexpress/?hl=en 

The first is from
1.JANUARY 16, 2015
2.JANUARY 15, 2015
3.JANUARY 14, 2015
4.JANUARY 13, 2015
5.JANUARY 13, 2015
6.JANUARY 10, 2015
7.JANUARY 8, 2015