A Shopify or theme problem?

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When one clicks on the Vendor link in a given Product page, a page with a side-bar emptied of content is displayed:

Then, even worse, when one clicks here on Vendor, an empty page is displayed:


The same thing happens with type:


Our theme is Turbo Protland. However, when I try the same links in Shopify's default themes, the same behavior is observed. This makes me believe that these are Shopify issues.


Can someone confirm or deny this? Any ideas or pointers how to fix the problem? And what really are 'vendors' and 'types' which appear in the URLs as collections but are not user-defined collections?



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This is an accepted solution.

It's the way it is coded. You can see the piece of code doing the "magic" by removing the items in the sidebar under assets/utilities.js:

    //Hide filters if types or vendors is in URL (can't be combined)
    if ($.url(2) === 'types' || $.url(2) === 'vendors'){

The issue with the completely empty pages sounds more like related to the Turbo theme. 

Sergiu Svinarciuc | CTO @ visely.io
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Thanks a lot Sergiu! I commented the "Hide filters if types or vendors is in URL" condition and the side-bar is not empty on these URLs anymore.


I was also able to resolve the other issue with the empty pages for links to 'vendors' and 'types' by unchecking the "Show breadcrumb links" option in the Collection pages set-up.


Of course, these solutions are hacks and don't make the Turbo theme less buggy. But at least they are helpful workarounds.


Thanks again.