A few users are consistently spamming all threads.

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I am new to this community. I see that almost all threads on shopify feedback are spammed by AITrillion, Munn, growwave and others. You can see that quality of the feedback provided is very low. Every single thread these people and others are spamming everyone with their apps, offering. This is really hurting merchants as they continue to believe this is right feedback and in a way this discourages others from providing feedback since there are 4-5 replies already there. What can be done about this and remove backchannel advertising happening on the forum? 

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Do you see the report inappropriate link against the post? If you do you might consider using that if the post is just spam vs useful. The team does take action when they see spam but given the size of the community there'll be posts that get through.

But I do agree, and if it really is spam the post should be removed, and if required a temp (and then permanent) ban.

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