A lot reached check out but not converting

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I know, I know there are already a lot of discussions about this subject. But I would like to have someone look at one of my product pages and take a look around if I am doing something wrong. (Please don't mind my bad English, I am not a English man.)

I recently started picking up my Shopify store again. And I have started advertising on a few products with facebook ads and on my Instagram page. This was the result: image.png

Yep 31 reached checkout but did not convert... I dont know if this is normal but can someone please help me out a bit. And take a look at my following product pages if I maybe am doing something really wrong. These are the products I was talking about on my site: https://newtechfeedshop.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/hot-reusable-charging-cable and https://newtechfeedshop.myshopify.com/collections/lighters/products/usb-plasma-lighter

Could it be that my product pages look to spammy or something like that? Please help, Thanks.