A question about shipping to other countries

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Hey, first I would like to say, if anyone does help me with this, thanks in advance.

Some background, I'm trying out dropshipping. I'm using shopify, obviously, oberlo and getting products from ali-express.

I have a question, on my website I have 3 different places people can ship from (not to, from). Because the product is stored in China, the USA and France.


I'm using oberlo. If I go to Ali-express then I click on "ship from" then select "America" and choose to deliver to the UK it will say it cannot be delivered to the UK. 

But if I go into my store and click "ship from" then once again, select "America" and deliver to the UK it will allow me to go through with the order. It does not say "cannot ship from America to the UK" or anything, if I clicked buy now the order would of went through. 

I need to make sure that if the product cannot be delivered on Ali-express from certain countries to certain countries, that people cannot place the order possibly giving a warning before-hand saying "Cannot ship from America to x country please select to deliver from China or France instead (only, of course, if the delivery can be made from either of these places ).


As I said any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.