A question to make a store for multiple countries

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I am new to shopify and trying to create a store with an option to switch between countries. I found many forum questions that we do not have a facility to create multiple stores under the same account.

Can anyone suggest me how to achieve something like below?

mainstore.com, mainstore.com/usa, mainstore.com/ca, mainstore.com/france

I have to do this for 7 countries, different products, different prices, same template!!

Please help.

Thank you.

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Hi Sundip!

Most stores that do this have a subdomain for each country (ie. http://fr.mainstore.com, http://us.mainstore.com)

From there you would use your Domain host's settings to link each subdomain to each individual countries' store.

The rest would be quite simple, happy to say! You could use Shop Transfer to sync information between all the new stores: https://apps.shopify.com/shop-transfer

What we can do for these situations is give a discount of one pricing tier lower on the plan for each additional site that is related to your primary store. For example, if your current plan is Professional, your additional stores would be billed at Basic plan.

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I'm just going through this right now. 

Here are a couple of issues I had and how i'm trying to resolve them 

so others can see and learn from it.

I have a .net site for the USA market and realized that if i used the

same site for Canada, the conversion of my price would go to 

Canadian dollars, meaning it would go from 49.99 to something more.

I have two problems with this. I wanted the prices to stay consistent but 

the shopify store only allows 1 currency. So i had to get another

shopify .ca site for my store. I also heard from a few people that

people shopping in canada are usually more comfortable with a 

.ca address since they've had experience buying from a .com and 

not realizing its in american or they ship from the USA. 


My other issue was setting up a blog and duplicate content issues

for both sites. I asked some people in Google and a few SEO people

and they said the duplicate site should be okay, but not to put 

duplicate content on two different blogs on each site. 


Here are my questions for anyone that has similar experiences

or can further elaborate:

1. How do i make it so that anyone in Canada gets redirected to

my .ca site when they go to the .net one?

2. How do i link my .ca site to my .net blog so its not duplicate

content but everyone can still see that there's blog content

for my site? 



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Would also be interested in a solution to this. Anyone done this successfully with Shopify?

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There are a couple of ways you can do this. There may be other ways but these appear to be optimal.


  1. Open a subsidiary business in that country. To do this you will need a legal presence in that country. And to do that you need a legal address. To get a legal address you can simply find a virtual office and mail services business that can manage all the mail, scan it and display it on a portal for you to read and manage. Once you've set up the legal address go through that countries proper government channels and a lawyer to set up the subsidiary. Once the subsidiary has been setup you can have products sent to a fulfillment services center who will store and ship your products to your customers in that country as they purchase on Shopify. On Shopify speak with sales and have them include an add-on store to your existing store and set it up in that countries currency and tax obligations. no when someone types in your address and they are from Canada have the site re-route them to the .ca store by ip so they see and pay in Canadian dollars.  
  2. Accept the exchange rates. If you are a US based business and you have customers in Canada, Europe or any other country in the world then they should be paying you in USD's on your site, if you are based in the USA and you should be shipping to them from the USA. Or wherever you drop-ship from if that's what you do. Technically you should be conducting business in your own currency until you can do the first option (above).


Leave exchange rates up to your customer until your business has grown enough to justify the expense of expanding your business to another country or region of the world. Your customer has come to your US based business online from another country. Sell to them in your local currency.