A site with that domain name already exists, what should I do?

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I am receiving this error, and would like it to be fixed. It seems like someone else was getting this message and shopify needs to release this from other account so that i can use it in this account.

I am not using other shopify account anymore. Kindly release domain called drcstudio.ca so that I can use it.

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Hi, @DrcStudio!

My name is Lilith, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify. I took some time to investigate a little here regarding the location of the domain.

Where is the domain?

I took a look at the public site Who.is to see where the domain was hosted and if there are any details to help ensure it's possible for you to have this changed. It looks like this domain is hosted on GoDaddy.

Here is the Who Is page where I see this information:





I also checked any DNS settings that may indicate that it is pointing to our servers through the Google Toolbox DNS Lookup. It looks like no A record or CNAME exists so this tells me that the domain is not currently pointing to a Shopify store. It may have in the past, but right now it isn't. This means that it may simply appear disconnected on a different account, but not pointing to the site from GoDaddy.

This is good since this means that perhaps this domain isn't used for a Shopify site and may be easier for you to get that moved.


How to connect it to your store

In order to connect it to your account, you'll need to own the domain. Since GoDaddy hosts the domain you will need to either reach out to them to buy the domain from whoever owns it if you don't.

If you want to do it yourself, you can remove it from your old store if you still have access to it. Use this guide here to complete that quick task.

On the other hand, if you're not able to access your account anymore and you do in fact own the domain. You'll need to have proof of registration with the details from your GoDaddy account where it currently is hosted. We can assist with connecting it to your account at that point. The team in live support will ask for all those details and documents to prove your ownership so be sure to have those ready.

Keep in mind that without proof of ownership of the domain, we cannot modify anything as this is an owned asset/property.

However, from your written question, am I safe in assuming that you own it? If so you're good to contact our live support and get that domain disconnected from the other account so you can connect it to your current account.


Other info

Since we're on the topic of branded domains, I wanted to check in with how your marketing plans are going for your specific brand.

If you haven't thought about it or planned for it yet, I would recommend thinking about really diving into choosing a social media platform where you can build out and develop your brand awareness. Your domain name sounds like it might be a clinic. If so, Facebook is a great place to develop your brand there. Moreover, having a solid Google business listing will help you with analytics but also showing up on search results more prominently. Here's a great help page from Google's services that can help with setting that up. This is especially useful if you offer in-person services or sales.

Let me know how you do with the information above! I'm happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify 
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