About my online-shop

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I have an online shop.

Link : stricee.com

We arent a drop shipping service, we have our own products and we ship them ourselves.

I wanted to ask, what I could improve in my website.

17-19 we had a lot of orders. Like 12 orders a day.

But now it dropped. At 20.02.2020 we had 5-6 orders. And today, until 5:30 pm we had only 1 order!

I feel like I changed something. I mean I did not change anything on ads, plus I was only doing google ads, but I started doing facebook ads as well. So I started giving out more money for ads, even I have done that, the sales dropped.

Could you please check my website, and tell me what typography I should use, and other bad things about the website that I should improve.

Thank you,