Access Checkout in the right language via Buybutton.js

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Hello everyone,

i am currently building a store using webflow as store frontend and shopify as storebackend to manage the orders and the checkout.

I managed to to integrate the products from shopify into webflow using the Buy Button channel, however i have one major issue. I have set up 5 different language on the webflow frontend but i am not able to redirect the customers to the corresponding checkout in their language, as the Shopify checkout is always in german ( the shops default language). I've tried to implement the language parameter  into the BuyButton javascript like this:

    var client = ShopifyBuy.buildClient({
      domain: '',
      storefrontAccessToken: 'xxx',
      language: 'en-EN'

 but the checkout is still in german. 

I am able to detect the users language by accessing their browserlanguage with the following javascript:

var language = window.navigator.language;

 Given that i have enabled all the needed translations in the shopify backend via a Translator app how would i be able to redirect the user to the correctly translated checkout ?