Accidentally added wrong payment method to store in which resulted the store to be shut down

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I have recently just made a store under the name: Acu-Smart

I was working late, very tired. Had already opened up 2 successful one product stores in just under a week. I had just finished finalising this specific store and was ready to add a payment method to open it up. I currently hold multiple bank cards that consist of debit and credit. I had accidentally added the wrong card (which ended up being my son's debit because he wanted to order some games online with my permission, I have this chrome plugin extension that holds all my card information and autofills Shopify payment methods, including my sons and I did not notice that I had accidentally clicked on it) and it made my store unavailable. Is it possible if you guys would kindly reverse that payment method, unlock it, and allow me to add my valid credit card payment method?

Thanks for your service,