Accidentally erased a file in Assets - Modular Theme

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I tried to add an Custom Font, but did not succeed, when I was suppose to erase the Font File I added in Assets I accidentally erased a Liquid.file.
I erased all third part files and tried clicked "Update to latest version" in Modular theme store, but my file is still missing. I need help to get the Assets file back so my site can get back to normal!

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This is an accepted solution.


Its sounds really bad. 
In most of cases files automatically retrieved when accidentally  you removed any file and install new version. 
But now it seems that the file you removed accidentally was a custom file which don't have any concern with theme, If so try to get it from web.archive  but it will works if in archive their is image of your store available. And another scenario if file you removed was a custom file and you already updated your theme to latest version without creating backup of it then you have to find where/how it was implemented in your theme.


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