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Hi Everyone,


I started a new shopify store a couple weeks ago, was right at the point to launch my store - I put in payment information and boom, got an error message. "Something went wrong". 


It's been 12 days now - I've chatted with multiple support agents. They say they contacted the Accounts team and I will hear back, but I never do. 


I'd honestly pull the plug entirely at this point and launch with another platform, but I have $250 in on custom developer fees. I'm just wondering if there is anything else I could possibly do here. At one point I was asked to provide photo ID which I did, but that's over a week ago as well. If my store is not able to launch, I'd rather know that and launch with someone else, as this is getting maddening. I'm selling harmless wooden kids toys, so it isn't anything groundbreaking here. 


Any suggestions would be most welcome!