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I received an email today from stating that they have received reports about my store not fulfilling my digital product orders after payment and that they have tried to contact me numerous times. All of which is completely false. There is then a link asking to verify proof of business ownership, delivery, and identity. But the link looks like it is authorizing someone to have access to my account.

I guess my question is. Is this legit? No one ever tried to contact me nor does it say I need to verify anything when im on the backend of my store, just this random email. Can I please have a staff member verify that my store isn't in jeopardy of termination?



Mitchell Tillotson

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Hey, @TheInnovator!

I'm Ava from Shopify, I'd like to help!

Thanks for reaching out here, it is always best to check with our support team if you're unsure of an email. 

For the next steps here, I would advise not clicking anything on the email as it does not look like an email we would send to you. You can instead download the original email with the headers and forward it as an attachment to so our security team can investigate further! When you download the email, could you not change the subject of the email you are forwarding? This will help our team with their investigation.  

Many email clients/services have help articles to show you how to properly download the email headers, such as this helpful one from GmailThere's also a great third-party resource hereTypically you will want to look for a "Show Original" or "Download Original" option to get the .eml file (which is just the regular message text with the headers and any HTML content). Sending the file as an attachment to will allow our team to analyze the information and follow up.

Lastly, can I ask if you have clicked any links on this email, or opened any attachments? It may be best to set up two-step authentication moving forward. There is a detailed guide here that will show you how to do this, step by step. Can you also confirm you are able to log into your account, and that you have not seen any changes to your account settings? Just to ensure your account will remain safe.

Speak soon!

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Ava | Social Care @ Shopify 
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