Activating SSL

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Im trying to activate SSL on shopify and im getting a number of errors. I ve read the shopify insturctions on how to fix but sadly they are as clear as mud to me can any one help . thnks in advance Andy 


the errors im getting are


SSL certificates not activated

Unencrypted URLs were found on 5 pages in your online store. Manually replace these files, then retry activation:

Unencrypted URLs may trigger security warnings or appear broken to your customers

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there!

It looks like the mixed content error in your Theme is being injected by the Contact Form app. You might be able to change the URLs involved to HTTPS, but I'd recommend getting in touch with the app's developer and see if they have a secure server to make that kind of link.

Hope that helps!

- Alex

Shopify Partner
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Please if you would give a little help


i have the same issue as above pretty much on my store with 5 unencrypted pages.


How can i make the entire store ssl certified 


many thanks