Active Cart / Abandoned Cart - when can admin see a cart?

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I have had the common occurance where customers have questions about an order they are putting together, but yet to checkout.

Is there a way to see their active cart?

If I need to wait to see their cart in abandonded checkout - how long does it take for a shopping session to land into this catagory?

Does anyone have a workaround for this type of situation?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Karen!

Kerstin here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

You could use an app such as Olark live chat + CartSaver which lets you watch your customers fill their shopping carts and lets you talk directly with the customers browsing your Shopify store.

Another option would be the  Lucky Orange app which lets you mointor your customers' behaviour on your store. It also allows you to get in contact with them while they are browsing and has many more functions.

I hope this helps. You can respond directly on this thread, or via email for any clarification!

All the best,

Kerstin K.

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Thank you for your help - I will give Olark a try - it looks like the best fit.

Though, I do wish there was a work around within the store, without having to pay for yet another app to make the storefront usable.

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Yes, it would be nice if Shopify would give us more tools without having to buy an app every time.  You would think that they would like us to sell more merchandise but it seems they just want to sell apps.