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Good afternoon,

My name is Luke Newman from TG Systems. We have a branded website with the URL address

At present, we are not seeing any sales from this website. After numerous telephone calls and emails with Shopify, we have put improvements in place such as better SEO and now submitted a sitemap.

We previously started two google ad campaigns, but with no success. Please can I ask if there are similar campaigns or additional applications/services from Shopify which can attempt to get customers to see our page and therefore get them buying our products?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


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Hi @NewmanLucas,

Sorry to hear about your situation, there;'s no doubt that driving traffic to a Shopify store is a secret to the success of your online business. In other words, website traffic is an essential driver of business growth. And the process of getting traffic to your store might be a challenge if you've just started it. I'll recommend you to read this article 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Shopify store. You'll learn different types of traffic and 10 ways to drive traffic to your store, including paid traffic and organic traffic as well. 

Hope it helps!


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