Adapted w/ Hacks for Delivery & Pickup - Way to Use Locations / Inventory for Temporary Store Sites?

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Hello Shopify Community,


We have just made a massive pivot and it is working. The business is still alive and we've been able to hire a few people who lost jobs. This is a win. Our company has gone from selling direct at local street markets and shipping online to doing advance order pickups at street markets and offering home delivery. We're coordinating all of this through our Shopify site and apps. I'm looking for a better way to accomplish some basics tasks that we are currently cobbling together right now. 


  • In the coming peak season we will go to over 30 roadside markets weekly. These are regular weekly markets happening 1 day a week, lasting 4-6 hours each. Originally we had planned on putting a Shopify POS at each location. Now we are only offering advance ordering for contactless pickups. I envisioned using Shopify for each market location. I naively assumed that it would be trivial for Shopify to enable more locations in exchange for more money. This has not been the case. 

Our current Shopify plan is limited to 8 locations. I've looked into Plus and the locations are limited to 20. I've reached out to Shopify support and Shopify Plus sales but I'm unable to get a straight answer on how we can enable the correct number of locations for our business or even learn if this would be helpful or useful. I know this is a a hyper-busy time for Shopify and they might be popping bottles over the current valuation  but it's been too long w/o a straight answer. This is frustrating.


Tech companies have different margins than local product producing businesses that make, deliver and sell a physical product. I was initially attracted to Shopify because they talked a game that implied they understood this. Changing an arbitrary limit doesn't seem like a big ask. But I'm sick of trying to ask. So I turn to you fellow Shopify users.

Question: Is this envisioned use of locations worth pursuing? RN we've hacked together a system that is kind  of making me regret switching from Square.


  • We produce an aged food product. That means we have new inventory that is incoming and should be available for future orders while current inventory should also carry forward if unsold.

For example, we have 100 units of XX ready on Sunday and 50 units of XX ready on Wednesday. Customers on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday have 100 units of XX available to purchase. Customers on Wednesday should be able to purchase XX that pulls from the pre Wednesday inventory plus the 50 units of XX that are ready on Wednesday. These are all the same items to the customer.

Question: Is there a way to have a item with inventory that is multi-day with forward rolling day specific additions?


  • Doing pickup and delivery these days is par for the course for many of us. We have yet to find a app that works properly for this. We've spent into five figures on developers to make the app were currently using kind of work.

We cannot be the only business that needs to limit daily delivery slots and restrict certain items to certain delivery days.

Question: Has anybody found a workable way to make local delivery and multi-location pickup work well within Shopify?


I'm hopeful we can get things straightened out here and begin working on the next version of our store instead of trying to troubleshoot daily basic issues. Especially now that many online platforms are offering these features free due to Covid. Please roast me here if I'm doing something wrong - I need to get this stuff resolved and get back to actually working on my business. 

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What workaround did you come up with?

We have one roadside market weekly, but in a different location so we don't make enough money to justify the more expensive plans, but need to be able to handle fulfillment timing restrictions and black-out dates so folks don't try to schedule pick-ups for dates we're not there.

Thanks in advance for sharing!

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We are using zapiet on Shopify into a custom airtable base connected through integromat. It works ok. 

I think we’ll need to look outside the Shopify ecosystem for our needs.