Add Buy now button as well as the "Buy with Paypal" button at the same time

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Hello there,
After some research on this toppic i found almost nothing to help me achive this... 
So using this {{ form | payment_button }} inside {% form 'product'product %} renders the "buy now" button when i am in editor mode and renders the PayPal "Buy with Paypal" when i exit the editor mode and view the webpage normally.

I want to be able to render both, and i dont undestand how this is not even common and not asked for... 
I want my customers to be able to go to the checkout page instantly and i want them to be able to pay with paypal express as well  

Since the same code renders both buttons, and i found 0 documentaion about the "payment_button" function, i had to come here 

sources that i checked:

hanks for help in advance