Add Customer's Local Delivery Instructions in the Customer's Confirmation Email

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I hope I am in the right discussion first of all. My question is that is it possible to add delivery instructions given by the customer when they select local delivery in their confirmation email. The end result is that in the confirmation email that customers receive, I would like them to see the delivery instructions I give (these are already in the email confirmation) and the delivery instructions they fill in when they choose local delivery. This is so that the customer can see the what they said as their special instructions when they look at their email confirmation.

I have included the field I am talking about below. I have edited what the text field normally says (normally it says Delivery instructions optional). These instructions are NOT the same as the notes that the customer can leave under cart ({notes}). The closest that I have gotten to getting the correct property is by referring to the packing slip where this field is referred to as "delivery_method.instructions".

If anyone could tell me if this is possible and how I would be able to add this to the customer's confirmation email that would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


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