Add MyHermes as a Shipping Courier

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I can see that people have been requesting MyHermes as a Shipping Courier for over 4 years. I understand that Shopify prioritise developments by the number of feature requests but considering that 15% of all parcels sent in the UK are sent via MyHermes, I really think this simple development should be bumped up. It just common sense. I have tried to use Linnworks, OrderHive, Veeqo and ChannelGrabber to process shipments and update Shopify with tracking numbers/order statuses automatically but none of them work because Shopify do not recognise MyHermes as a courier. Shopify tries to detect the courier by reading the tracking number. It usually picks Canada Post or Fedex which is obviously incorrect. We're actually having to consider moving our entire ecommerce website to Magento because of this one issue. We need to be able to use 3rd party inventory control and shipping software (such as Linnworks, OrderHive, Veeqo, ChannelGrabber) with our ecommerce platform. It is not possible for us to manually create MyHermes fulfilments as 'Other' every day. I'd be grateful if someone within Shopify could do a bit of research into MyHermes and recognise how significant they are as a courier in the UK - especially to small and medium sized businesses. They actually handle more parcels than many of the couriers that Shopify DO recognise which is crazy.

I'm sure this post will end up like all the other MyHermes requests on this forum - closed with no solution but I'm hoping that someone will step up and make something happen. 

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Hermes as a courier and UK postal zones/postcodes - good job the UK is Shopify's 2nd/3rd biggest market yet continually ignores these 2 big problems.

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As you have mentioned, Shopify identifies the carrier by reading the tracking number. Since many carriers have similar structures, Shopify fails to recognize the carrier as MyHermes and displays it as Canada Post or FedEx.


As a solution to this problem, you can check out the Shopify Shipment Tracking & Notify app. Once you have the MyHermes account credentials and API keys, the integration with MyHermes can be easily done in the app. Once this is done, you will be able to automate your tracking process.


When you fulfill the orders by selecting "Other" option and entering the tracking number, the app automatically identifies the carrier and handles the tracking for you. The app automatically sends the tracking notification to your customers regarding the package. Also, you get an integrated "Track Your Order" page, by which your customers can track their product from your store.