Add Phone Number message to shipping label

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I ship live insects via USPS Priority.  I add a sticker to the outside of the shipping box that indicates "Hold For Pickup" so USPS knows to keep it at the destination post office.  This process works great.

What I need to do is integrate the customer's phone number on the shipping label with static text, like "PLEASE CALL 702-555-5555 to notify customer" - USPS will call that number upon arrival at the destination post office.

I don't want to do this with every shipment, not every customer wants their phone number on the label.  I would like to add something at checkout that says "include phone number on label", and then have that appear on the shipping label when selected.

I am currently not using any custom apps or integration, I am open to shipping integration that does this, or if it is available within Shopify somehow, etc.  

I am grateful for any feedback!


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