Add a Size Chart - Cant find "Add to Cart"

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Hi Everyone,

Really wanted some help in adding a the size chart to my product page, however im not being able to see the "add to cart" in the product-template.liquid.

Can someone please help me? Thank you in advance.

I have followed everything exactly as mentioned in the following:

However one thing they mention as the second last step, is to add the following code ABOVE the add to cart button.

{% if product.options contains 'Size' %}

{% assign chart = product.type | handleize | append: "-size-chart" %}

{% unless pages[chart].empty? or pages[chart].content == blank %}

<a class="trigger-pop-up btn">See Size Chart</a>

{% endunless %}

{% endif %}


The issue i am facing , I am not being able to see the "add to cart" button in the code of product-template.

Can anyone please help me? I have done everything till the second last step, yet I am not being able to find the add to cart line.


Please help me out since this is really important and im almost done and dont want to leave it at this spot.




Thank you.

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It's probably in a Snippet that's included in the product template file. Read through the code and look for {% include %} or {% render %} statements, those will lead you to Snippets. It's usually in a Snippet called product-form.liquid.

Also if you're searching through the code, the button doesn't always say "Add to Cart", there might be a variable, so if you're doing a search, just search "add".

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