Add background video from Vimeo or best way

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I put it in a custom theme Section for video. On the video link I put the Vimeo link and it says, 'Link is invalid. Trying pasting a complete Video link.' Put it is valid and shows the video in the background. One issue is that got a vimeo I'm not a robot warning eventually instead of background video.

Is it better if it's a full custom HTML section instead of Shopify's video section? Should I use shopify's CDN video instead of Vimeo? I heard youtube or vimeo video is better.

I also tried to a mp4 shopify cdn video, but then sometimes it wouldn't auto start (maybe because there are a couple other smaller videos auto-playing). But seems that shopify CDN won't perform as well. Maybe there is something on the vimeo link I'm not setting right.

I'm also seeing the play button for background which I shouldn't